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Everman, TX, USA

Noel Rodriguez has been missing since March and police are looking for Arshdeep Singh and Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, who may have fled to India (Image: Twitter/@JasonAllenLive/@scoopjefferson/@Proudmimi12)

Police say they will continue to search for Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez’s remains and federal authorities are trying to extradite Arshdeep and Cindy

The search for Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez continues in the Texas town of Everman a month after authorities issued an Amber Alert. Everman Police officials believe the 6-year-old boy may be dead, but investigators are looking for his remains.

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez is one of ten children born to mother Cindy Rodriguez-Singh and stepfather Arshdeep Singh. Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez has been missing since March 25 but has not been seen since last fall.

Cindy Rodriguez-Singh and her father-in-law Arshdeep Singh on March 22 with six of Cindy’s children left for India. Arshdeep Singh, according to a Texas-based media report Telegram from the Star of Fort-Worthis now wanted by police for allegedly stealing $10,000 in cash from his workplace to fund his trip to India.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez case:

  1. Cindy Rodriguez-Singh didn’t care about the wellbeing of her child Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez saying he was “demon possessed” and wanted to hurt his newborn twin daughters.
  2. However, a parent who took Noel into foster care said Noel, who was born with a physical and developmental disability, was a caring, fun and lovable child.
  3. According to reports, Noel had been missing since October 2022 shortly after Cindy gave birth to her twin daughters. Cindy reportedly fed Noel or gave him something to drink because she wouldn’t change his diapers and abused the 6-year-old, according to Telegram from the Star of Fort-Worth.
  4. Arshdeep Singh from Punjab and Cindy got married in 2020. When the 35-year-old moved to the US from India remains unclear. He worked at AGHA Enterprises delivering packages.
  5. Arshdeep is accused of stealing money from the company and then falsifying records to cover his tracks. He worked at AGHA Enterprises for more than two years and was a trusted employee, according to Telegram from the Star of Fort-Worth.
  6. His employer, Mohammed Khan, while addressing the Telegram from the Star of Fort-Worthsaid Arshdeep was hired two years ago to manage merchandise purchases for stores and help with banking.
  7. Arshdeep stole $10,000 from AGHA Enterprises before fleeing the United States and deposited $8,000 in his personal bank account. Footage from his bank’s security cameras shows him making the deposit. Arshdeep Singh used his credit card to purchase the tickets, police said.
  8. Arshdeep faces charges of endangering or abandoning a child with his wife Cindy and after the theft is discovered he also faces charges of second degree robbery.
  9. Police searched over 500 acres for evidence leading to Noel’s body. Police presume he is dead and earlier tore up the concrete where Cindy and Arshdeep lived to find out if Noel was buried under the concrete, according to Telegram from the Star of Fort-Worth.
  10. Arshdeep and Cindy had been living in someone else’s house for two years, but Cindy had been living there for a decade. The house they lived in belonged to an elderly man living in Everman named Charles Parsons. Parsons was also in shock and said Arshdeep looked like someone who takes care of her children.
  11. The case emerged after Everman, Texas cops conducted a welfare check at the family’s home in March after Child Protective Services received a tip that Noel had disappeared and said the family “lived in misery”, according to Telegram from the Star of Fort-Worth.
  12. Cindy started living in Parsons’ house because the elderly man asked her to live there after he found her sleeping in his car with her children about 10 years ago.
  13. Cindy has 10 children in total and three children live with her mother. She lost custody of some of her children and was placed on probation after an incident in which she was drunk and was driving a vehicle with her children inside.
  14. The FBI is working with Indian authorities to extradite the couple to the United States.

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