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Salman Khan SPOT Shah Rukh Khan on Karan Arjun sets, reveals ‘I was standing with red eyes…’

Last update: April 30, 2023, 08:22 HST

Salman Khan shares an anecdote from Karan Arjun's set.

Salman Khan shares an anecdote from Karan Arjun’s set.

Salman Khan reveals he once shot Shah Rukh Khan on Karan Arjun’s sets. The former recently made an appearance in SRK’s Pathaan.

Salman Khan recently made an appearance on Aap Ki Adalat. From opening up about his love life to movies, the actor has opened up about everything. Reflecting on his hit film Karan Arjun, Salman revealed that he once shot his co-star Shah Rukh Khan on film sets.

Recalling the anecdote he shared, “During the filming, there are blank weapons. I received a blank gun from action director Bhiku Verma. A party was taking place and folk dancers from Rajasthan were present. I said to Shahrukh, I will call you to dance, you refuse, then we will engage in a fight, and here is a blank gun. I will shoot you and you will fall. Shahrukh said he was in no mood, he was tired.

He added: “My brother Sohail was there. I pulled Shahrukh’s hand, and he ripped his hand off. He pushed me, and I pushed him too, a fight ensued, I pulled out the gun and shot him. Shahrukh somersaulted and fell. Javed Saheb’s wife Honey Aunty was there. She said, I know him from childhood, he is not that kind of boy. A reporter Nishi Presm was there. She said, I always knew that boy was like that. Time Video owner Pravinbhai Shah said: We’ll all be in a soup, let’s go.

“For ten minutes I stood with red eyes and said, Koi Nahin uthega, Sabko Maar Doonga. Rakesh ji’s hands started shaking. I said, ‘Shahrukh Uth, Shahrukh Uth (Shahrukh wakes up When Shahrukh didn’t wake up, Sohail, Bhiku Da panicked. I checked my gun. Suddenly Shahrukh started snoring. So the Pathaan was finally alive. I fired again 3- 4 shots, and everyone started laughing…….I think Shahrukh is the best performer in the industry.There is no need to say.This performance was much better than Arjun’s Everyone was convinced and many tried to run away from the set. It was a good experience,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Salman and Shah Rukh recently shared screen space together at Pathaan. The film turned out to be a box office success.

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