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Is King Charles set to be Australia’s last king as the nation heads towards republicanism

Protesters hold balloons with an image of Britain's Queen Elizabeth during a protest to abolish the monarchy on the country's national day of mourning for her, in Sydney, Australia (Image: Reuters)

Protesters hold balloons with an image of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth during a protest to abolish the monarchy on the country’s national day of mourning for her, in Sydney, Australia (Image: Reuters)

No national holidays and muted celebrations show that the Albanian government and much of Australians are focused on celebrating its Aboriginal heritage and early Australians

The coronation of King Charles III reignited the debate in Australia about his governance and his desire to become a republic, abandoning his connection with the British royal family, the Guardian said in a report.

The new Australian High Commissioner to the UK, Stephen Smith, told the media Time that it is only a matter of time before Australia announces its status as a republic.

Australia is acknowledging its true heritage by acknowledging and respecting the original Australians and their heritage, and how colonialism affected Australia’s true natives.

Former Australian footballer Craig Foster, who also leads the Australian Republican Movement, told the Guardian that he found it “ridiculous” that an Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, had pledged loyalty to the new king whom Australians “don’t particularly know, like or respect”.

THE Guardian said the coronation will take place on Saturday evening Australian time and celebrations will be restricted.

Over the weekend of the coronation ceremony, Australia’s national buildings and monuments will be illuminated in royal purple and on Sunday a 21-gun salute will be fired from the Australian Parliament complex.

But in London, Australia will play an important role during the coronation ceremony. The event will be attended by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the King’s Representative to Australia, the Governor General, David Hurley, and the Governors of the States of Australia, the Guardian said.

The report also says King Charles and Camilla, the Queen Consort, will perform the coronation in the Australian-made Diamond Jubilee State Coach. They will not use the Gold State Coach during the coronation ceremony, breaking with tradition.

Chelsea striker and Australia soccer captain Sam Kerr, musician Nick Cave and comedian Adam Hills will represent the country and Simon Abney-Hastings, the 15th Earl of Loudon and a distant relative of the new king is invited to be the bearer of the great golden spurs.

Kerr and Abney-Hastings will play official roles at the ceremony and the Australian Federation Guard will send 40 members to the 4,000-man motorcade that will take the King back to Buckingham Palace after the coronation.

Australia will not announce a public holiday on Monday, however. The only state considering declaring May 8 a public holiday for “royal subjects” is Western Australia.

The Australian Monarchist League, which is pro-royal and pro-tradition, has called for a commemorative holiday while denouncing ‘neo-communism in action’, while addressing the Guardian. The group was referring to the decision to exclude the new sovereign from the upcoming $5 bill.

The investigations carried out by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) And Ipsos showed that a narrow majority of Australians supported severing formal ties with the British monarchy and a stronger majority wanted a referendum on the issue. Another slim majority did not support Charles becoming king.

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