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Does Aryan Khan’s luxury clothing brand deserve the hate for high prices? Explain

D’YAVOL X, Aryan Khan’s luxury clothing company, launched its website on Sunday, and some online were stunned by the “ridiculously high” prices. For the past few weeks, Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan have been marketing the brand and its impending debut, generating a lot of excitement among fans.

Recently, an ad featuring the superstar was also released. In it, father and son are dressed identically in D’YAVOL X. However, shortly after the release, users expressed surprise at the high prices and said the items were not affordable for the middle class. Learn more here

Amidst the reactions, let’s understand what makes a luxury brand “luxury” and how the high prices of these brands come about:

What defines luxury?

Luxury is synonymous with quality and brands centered on the idea that it focuses on exclusivity, which they believe comes from sharp craftsmanship and attention to detail. Brands that have come to be identified as luxury also focus on it being a way to show off one’s lifestyle, rather than just being a consumer item. For example, old luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton are now identified with elegance, compared to brands such as Balenciaga, with a more contemporary approach.

This feeling of exclusivity is generally evoked by perceptions of quality, comfort and elegance, the term “luxury” evolves to encompass several additional things for consumers around the world, according to a report by Retail. The term “luxury” today has different connotations than generations past.

According to the report, in 2022 Marriott International and Skift Research undertook a global survey of more than 5,000 high-income luxury consumers to identify attitudes and behaviors towards luxury in the United States, United Kingdom Kingdom, China, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

Globalization, coupled with the disruptive impact of the internet and digital technology, is resulting in a much broader and multidimensional view of what quality, luxury and exclusivity can be, according to the report. Although high-income luxury consumers around the world continue to appreciate long-standing luxury concepts, such as quality, comfort and elegance, they do so through the prism of a new set of lifestyle aspirations and goals.

The survey indicated that high-end consumers use luxury items to set themselves apart from their peers. While this isn’t particularly surprising and hasn’t changed much from previous generations, it has also been discovered that today’s luxury consumers believe that not all luxury purchases have to be the most expensive. , indicating that the bragging rights they seek do not necessarily revolve around their ability to make exorbitant purchases on their own, according to the report.

That said, why are luxury branded items so expensive?

According to a report by American Two Shot, unlike fast fashion factories, designer brands rarely use synthetic fibers in their garments. Hermès and Louis Vuitton, for example, use genuine animal leather in their bags. These materials are far superior to what other low cost companies can supply.

To ensure the comfort of their customers, most designer clothes use genuine organic and natural fibers such as silk, cotton, wool and linen.

Designer clothes also incorporate high-end jewelry such as diamonds and gold to enhance their design. These additions contribute to the higher price, the report says.

Labor expenses also contribute to the cost of these items. Labor from Europe and America is frequently used by high-end brands. These continents have a lot of labor expenses. The number of people working on a single design is also a factor to consider. A large number of people work on the designer brand pipeline, which requires a higher salary.

Fashion designers, sewers, and material cultivators don’t have low-paying jobs. They compensated suitably as they work on a luxury brand.

The feeling of exclusivity is essential for luxury brands. Because their products cater to upper-class citizens, these brands provide their customers with one-of-a-kind clothing.

A few marketing methods, such as reducing the amount of clothing or making it a collector’s item, are guaranteed to satisfy the need for designer products, the report explains. For example, instead of creating 100 clothes, they will only sell ten. They increase value by limiting the quantity of items.

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