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Anupam Kher talks about her first meeting with Kirron Kher, “Later, when she had problems in her marriage…”

Anupam Kher met Kirron Kher when she was already a star.

Anupam Kher met Kirron Kher when she was already a star.

Anupam Kher had first met Kirron Kher when she was already married to someone.

After Uunchai, Kartikeya 2 and The Kashmir Files, Anupam Kher will star in Anurag Basu’s Metro In Dino, a follow-up to filmmaker’s critically acclaimed Life In A Metro. While the filming of the same is proceeding at a steady pace, the actor recalled in a recent interview his meeting with Kirron Kher when the veteran actress was already married to her first husband and was very popular. On the contrary, Kher was just a simple “village boy”.

Tracing back to the very first encounter, Anupam Kher told ANI, “She was already a star back then. She did theatre, she worked in films. She is first class MA first. I met her in Chandigarh. I was a simple village boy. Apparently there was no connection between us. She was then married and had Sikandar (Kher).”

He added: “We were the best of friends and we used to do theater together. Later, when she had marriage problems, I was abandoned by the person I was dating, and then things started to change. But we always remain best friends first.”

Kirron was previously married to businessman Gautam Berry. Kirron and Gautam were blessed with a child, Sikandar. Their marriage did not last long and they divorced. Sikandar was four years old when Anupam and Kirron got married. Anupam welcomed him with open arms and treated him as if he were his child. However, she misses having her child. Kirron and Anupam attempted to have a child together. They even asked for medical assistance, but nothing worked.

Anupam had spoken earlier about this pain in his life. During an interview, he said that his stepson Sikander was only four years old when he came into his life. Anupam said he had a lot of love and respect for him and was his friend. “What my father was to me, I am to him. But to say that I don’t miss having a child of my own would be a lie because I do and it has nothing to do with him. Sometimes I miss the joy of seeing your child grow up and being your extension,” Anupam Kher confessed.

Kirron Kher told Firstpost in 2013 about his love affair with Anupam, and how they started as close friends and married different people. She said they were both close friends and knew everything about each other, “even down to the girl he planned to ‘patao'”. According to Kirron, it was a friendship they both shared and there was no kind of attraction. They continued to be good friends and even acted in plays together.

She went on to say that when she moved to Bombay and married Gautam Berry, the wedding “just didn’t happen”. Anupam Kher’s marriage to actress Madhumalti Kapoor was also facing problems at the time. She remembers the exact moment when the two They felt something. It all started when they were going to Calcutta for Nadira Babbar’s play. There, an incident occurred which Kirron says was the start of their romance.

“He turned to look at me as he left the room, and something happened between us. He knocked on my door shortly after and said, ‘I want to talk to you. I think I fell in love with you, he continued. The chemistry exploded and there was this huge, intense change all of a sudden. I married him after I got divorced.” Despite many obstacles, the couple remained together for more than 3 decades.

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