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Anupam Kher reveals Kirron Kher ‘was already a star’ when they met in Chandigarh

Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher married in 1985. (credits: Instagram/kirronkhermp)

Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher married in 1985. (credits: Instagram/kirronkhermp)

Anupam Kher revealed that when he first met Kirron Kher there was “no connection” between them.

Anupam Kher recently revealed heartwarming details about his romance with wife Kirron Kher. Married for nearly four decades, the couple are the epitome of love and commitment. In a candid interview, Anupam explained how he and Kirron, who was already an established star at the time, had no connection before they met. Coming from very different backgrounds, Anupam being a simple boy from the village, their love story is proof of the fate and magic of love.

Anupam and Kirron got married in 1985. Prior to their union, the actress was married to Gautam Berry and had a son, Sikandar Kher, in 1981, while Anupam was married to actress Madhumalti Kapoor.

During a recent interview with ANI news agency, Anupam Kher mentioned that Kirron Kher was already an established star, working in theaters and movies, when he first met her. “She was already a star then. She was doing theatre, she was working in films. She is first class MA first. I met her in Chandigarh. I was a simple boy from the village. there was no connection between us,” he said.

Although they come from different backgrounds, they bonded over the theater and became close friends. Later, when Kirron encountered problems in his marriage to Gautam, Anupam said that he “was abandoned by the person I was going with, then things started to change. But we still remain best friends with each other. ‘on board.

In 2013, Kirron Kher also revealed information about their past and how they came together.

Kirron Kher revealed in an interview with First Post how she and Anupam Kher eventually fell in love. After finding out that her first marriage to Gautam Berry wasn’t working out, they remained friends and continued to play together. During a trip to Calcutta for a play, Anupam changed his look for a movie and when he glanced at her before leaving the room, something broke between them.

“He came knocking on my door and said, ‘I want to talk to you. He then said, ‘I think I fell in love with you,'” she added.

She said that after this incident, there was an intense change in their chemistry. Kirron Kher eventually divorced from his previous marriage and got married to Anupam Kher despite having no financial stability at that time.

The couple have been inseparable ever since.

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